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Croton Dam and Aqueduct
175th Anniversary Celebration

(Pure and Wholesome Water)



YORKTOWN, N.Y. – The pursuit of “pure and wholesome water” by the City of New York began before the revolution (1774). The inhabitants and elected officials knew then that for the city to grow, prosper and thrive a significant source of water would need to be found and brought to the city. With numerous fits and starts over 6 decades, elected official and engineers considered streams, brooks, rivers, marshes, wells and lakes in 3 states and the costs. Finally, in 1831 New York City upon the recommendation of its engineers and commissioners that the Croton River Valley would provide the consistent pure and wholesome water supply required, approved the building of the Croton Dam and Aqueduct (41 Miles through the Old Croton Aqueduct from the Old Croton Dam to the Central Park Reservoir).


A series of 4 presentations will be held, hosted by Hilltop Hanover Farm and a ceremony commemorating the significant accomplishment and contributions of many citizens in the building of the Croton Water System. Presenters include Bob Waterhouse former district supervisor at NYC  DEP and Bob Giordano as well as other area experts will share the trials and tribulations faced by those tasked with finding the source of water, presenting and recommending the many different plans and finally implanting and completing the Croton Dam and Aqueduct System in 1842.


The proceeds of the events will benefit the Hilltop Hanover Environmental and Agricultural programs for school children.



Date and Location:

Saturday, September 9, at 12PM

Hilltop Hanover Farm

1271 Hanover St.

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


Saturday, September 16, at 12PM

Hilltop Hanover Farm

1271 Hanover St.

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


Saturday, September 23, at 12PM

Hilltop Hanover Farm

1271 Hanover St.

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


Saturday, September 30, at 12PM

Hilltop Hanover Farm

1271 Hanover St.

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


Sunday, October 8, at 3pm

Old Croton Dam/Gatehouse 


RSVP to Bob Giordano:


Cell: 914-874-4347

Suggested Contribution: $10.00..

Refreshments will be served and provided by local small businesses.



Your participation would be welcome. Contributions to the Hilltop Hanover Environmental and Agricultural programs for school children can be mailed to:

Yorktown Small Business Association

1785 Hunter Brook Road

Yorktown Heights, New York 10598



Inquire about sponsorship opportunities to Bob Giordano.







October 14th, 2016



The YSBA is Non-Partisan and Non-Political, and so should you be too!!


From the editor:

During these tough economic times, many businesses and community organizations are being asked to take a position by supporting a certain political party or candidate.  It is selfish and unfair for political parties and candidates to put any group in a position where they feel pressured to make a choice.

Local businesses are operated by people who come from a variety of political persuasions, as do the customers upon whom they rely. The same is true of individuals who belong to one or more organizations or members of community organizations who also own a business. Pressuring either businesses or community organizations to post political signs, posters and brochures in their establishments could put them in a difficult position.

If your business or organization is approached by any political party or candidate to display signs, posters and brochures, just say NO. But if like many people, you feel obligated to do so, simply say YES to all parties and candidates by displaying opposing campaign literature.


Remember, don’t risk harming your business or organization by taking a stand that could cause shoppers to take their business elsewhere. It’s hard enough running a business without turning off half the electorate—and it’s the fair and equitable thing to do. Do the right thing! Businesses and community organizations need to be inclusive, not exclusive.


Bob Giordano


Yorktown Small Business Association






Municipal Parking Signs



August 25th, 2016



Thanks For Installing Municipal Parking Signs In Yorktown



To the editor:

Kudos to our Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli and Town Board for getting our municipal parking signs installed.


For some time, the Yorktown Small Business Association has been advocating for our local small businesses and the need to identify our municipal parking areas in the town. Recently, new signs have been installed in Yorktown Heights on Underhill Avenue, Kear Street and in Mohegan Lake on Route 6.


Identifying parking for customers is just one of many steps the town needs to take to improve the climate for local small businesses in town.


Thank you,

Bob Giordano


View the article reported by the Yorktown Daily Voice.




General News
& Past Events


Newsletters and E-Blasts

Beginning in June we began our bimonthly newsletter highlighting our activities and new members. We also began to email information on our member’s offerings and discounts which have been very well received. We are reaching hundreds of local residents and businesses on a regular basis.



Our membership has grown from 0 to 60 in less than 1 year. A great accomplishment. With few exceptions our members operate their businesses from Yorktown and reside in Yorktown. They are local and small in every sense of the words.


Meet and Greets

Established at the beginning of the year, all were held at member’s places of businesses. A low key way to meet other business owners and residents to network, plant seeds for future business and exchange business cards for new opportunities. Events were held at Yorktown Deli, First Niagara Bank, Turcos, Northeast Dental and Trailside Café.


Parking Problems

A number of members in the Front-Kear-Underhill area who are dependent on street parking for their businesses brought to our attention their concerns. We met with the town board and highway department Superintendent Dave Paganelli. Within a few weeks working with the highway superintendent we were able to provide relief to those businesses. Missing and damaged 2 hour parking signs were replaced, lines were painted on Front Street delineating parking spaces and neighboring businesses and town employees were asked to insure their employees were not parking in areas of concern by our members and their neighbors.


Fund Raising

Through our fund raising activities were able to donate funds/volunteer for the Yorktown Grange, Railroad Park Rehabilitation, Community Day and Garden of Hope initiative.


YSBA Logo Design Contest

Working with Chase Media graphic artist and designers a number of logos were submitted and reviewed. The Chase experts working with the YSBA, combined several of the logos resulting in our official logo. Our logo has the look and feel of an old time walkable community. The single story store fronts allows one to imagine meandering from one shop to another, under the awnings and trees (offering shade) passing the planters and lights which gives the feel of what a local small town business district used to look like. A feel that many would like to see return to our town one day.



Letters to the Editor, Press Releases, Seminars and Contests– Numerous letters and press releases were written to and published by our 2 award winning local papers (Northern Westchester Examiner and Yorktown News). We held seminars and fund raising contests.


Local Politics

First Say No, Then Say Yes (May 2014)

Intended to discourage political parties and other business organizations from intimidating local small businesses into openly supporting their candidates. Hoping to make the businesses and residents realize we need each other regardless of our political affiliations.


Meet and Greet Month

Yorktown Small Business Association announces August as YSBA Meet and Greet month. Five well attended events were held at Trailside Café with lively discussions on 202 corridor development, possible Front Street initiatives, visions of the town 5 and 10 years out and how the town could help local small businesses compete with new competition. Meet and greets were continued through the rest of the year at various members locations.


YSBA Pizza Contest

Six of our 18 pizza restaurants participated in this October event. The winners in order were 1st Calabria (Shrub Oak), 2nd Nonna’s (Yorktown Heights), 3rd New York Pizza Company (Crompond). It was held at the Yorktown Fair grounds and benefited a number of community service organizations and good causes.

Bob Giordano




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