Yorktown Small Business Association

The YSBA is a rapidly growing, grass roots, local small business organization whose founders and members are committed to progressive, sustainable economic development.


Our Mission

The mission of the Yorktown Small Business Association Inc. is to; create and foster a progressive and sustainable economic development environment in which Local Small Businesses can be supported in a collaborative environment that allows for business growth and development while improving the economic health and small town vitality of the Town of Yorktown. Advisors, Advocates and Mentors to Local Small Businesses.


Our Association

Our members and board advisors are experienced, knowledgeable, nonpartisan individuals who can help existing, new and fledgling businesses improve their chances of being successful in a tough competitive environment. We are advisors, advocates and mentors with significant experience in many disciplines, such as: marketing, public relations, finance, governance, communications, social media, fund raising and recruitment.


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Bob Giordano


Yorktown Small Business Association



Advisory Board Members


Violeta Shala-Guerrero

Finance, Personal and Business Lending


Bobby Violante

Environmental Testing


Katherine Quinn

Not for Profits, Management, Development, Fundraising


Dave Paganelli

Public Sector/Hospitality


Mike Sammarco



Joseph DePinho

Website Designer/Marketing

Bob Giordano




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